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Healthy Snacking Trends That You Need To Know About

Posted by VendTech Media - January 25, 2019

There is no denying that the Healthy Snacking culture has been evolving globally. As people are opting out of the notion of three square meals a day, the consumers are more driven towards healthier snacking experiences.

Who says that snacking has to be unhealthy? It is not necessary to go on a guilt trip every time you dip your hand into a bag of chips.

Healthy snacks are here to the rescue. Whether you’re having a midday craving or a late night one, there is a Gluten-free or organic snack that will work for you. Whether it’s from a conventional store or a vending machine, healthy snacks come in a diverse range of flavours, offer you a balanced diet, and provide fuel for your daily grind. Getting cravings already?

With this being said, here are some healthy snacking trends that you need to know about.

Plant Based Healthy Snacks

With the rise in popularity of meatless diets, plant-based healthy snacks give you the nutritional punch that you should look for. These snacks have the natural and functional ingredients that work the best for your health.

Moreover, these snacks also have a complete set of nutrients like proteins, minerals, incomplete proteins, and more. In fact, if you consume it mid-afternoon, it will help you curb cravings and will also limit your overall calorie consumption.

Healthy Snacks Can Be Single Serve Snacks

Do you know why snacks are termed unhealthy? They come into large packets and are packed with oils, salts, fats, and more that are not good for your health.

But healthy snacks are pre-packed, have controlled portions, and take away all your stress eating and overeating woes. They are single servings of savoury snacks that complement your full meals on the go.

So if you opt for healthy snack vending as a business, consider the single offerings of your product and have all the customers to yourself.

Transparency In Ingredients

In the era of transparency, just writing “no added fats” will not make you follow the healthy snacking trend.

Most products, especially snacks, use dyes, additives and substitute natural products with artificial ones. This industry is quite a competitive niche, and you have to stand out in some or another way. The best approach is to tell the customers where their snacks are coming from and what they are putting into their bodies.

As you increase the transparency and improve the quality of your products, the customers will take notice and you will have substantial profits as well.

The Bottom Line

Amidst the increasingly flexible eating routines that people are adapting, all the healthy snacking trends are here to stay.


If you are looking to start a business, you can dive in head first and try the healthy snacking vending machine business. You can get healthy snacks for your machine, explore the new options, break the norms, and win as an overall brand. 

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