Entree Satellite Unit

Big Revenue Increases From a Small Footprint

Naturals2Go Entree Satellite Unit

Increase sales by offering more variety and securing larger locations

Our Entree Satellite Units are a plug and play addition to any Naturals2Go Healthy Vending Machine. Simply plug it in to your existing machine. The Satellite Unit shares the same AirVend Payment System, so your inventory control, online monitoring, and inventory controls all work seamlessly.

Where is the right place to add an Entree Satellite Unit?

  • Long Work Hour Locations

    Locations that have workers present through the typical lunch and dinner hours, and locations that have late night workers are great for adding microwave meal options. There are hundreds of shelf stable meal options you can vend from the Entree Satellite Unit.

  • Work Out or Gym Locations

    Locations where people work out regularly are great for offering some addition items. Of course, you should offer protein shakes, and Power Bars, but what about deodorant, shaving items, shaker bottles, small towels? Don’t limit yourself, be creative.

  • Hotels

    Think about some of the things you’ve forgotten when you went on vacation or a business trip. What about offering phone chargers, aspirin, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shaving cream, or other personal items? You can even offer microwave meals here. Most hotels now have microwaves in them.

  • High Volume Locations

    Sometimes, what you are offering is perfect, but you’ll find yourself having to go back more often than you want to restock. The Entree Satellite Unit gives you increased capacity for snacks and meals without having to add an entire new machine. Just enough for some locations.

Think outside the vending box…the potential is huge!

The Entree Satellite Unit is an important asset to many of our operators. They use the additional capacity to offer specialty items — socks at a trampoline business, sunscreen at a public pool, insect repellent at a ymca. You decide what you want to sell…it’s your business!

Approximately 70% of all Naturals2Go machines have the additional Entree Satellite Unit attached.

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