World’s Most Advanced Vending Systems

Naturals2Go’s machines encompass the most advanced technology available today. They are
designed with one function in mind…serve you and your customers flawlessly. Their distinct look
and user friendly payment system will keep people coming back again and again.

Built by our custom manufacturer, with final assembly and inspection in our facility by our staff.
Made in USA


  • Modern Styling

    With inviting and exciting graphics, your Naturals2Go machines will always stand out from the crowd. They’ll be noticed from a distance, and draw the hungry people in to purchase from YOU!

  • Safe and Secure

    Made from cold rolled steel, with military grade locks, your machine is well made and strong. The security of your investment is safe when you choose Naturals2Go machines.

  • Versatility

    The high capacity drink and snack combo machine will suit the needs of most every location you may come across. Vend all sizes of drinks and snacks.

  • Green Engineering

    incorporated with the most modern technology, your Naturals2Go healthy vending machine utilizes high efficiency cooling system, ultra energy efficient LED lighting, high R Factor insulation, and double pane insulated display glass.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    With the longest warranty in the industry, you can rely on the fact that your machines will always be up and running, producing income for you.

Technical Features

  • AirVend Payment System

    Exclusively offered on all new Naturals2Go Healthy Vending Machines, the AirVend system covers all your needs.

  • All In One System

    The AirVend is an all in one system, with your card swiper, and information touch pad screen all together.

  • 7″ Interactive Touch Screen

    Our large 7” touch screen acts as a payment system, as well as information multimedia station. Display nutritional information in order to stay current with all legal regulations.

  • Accept All Payments

    Being able to accept cash, coin, credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, and Google pay is important in today’s world. Naturals2Go Healthy Vending Machines with AirVend, accept them all!

  • Remote Machine Monitoring

    With the ability to fully manage your machines remotely, you can spend less time wondering what you need to do, and more time growing your business. Pre-kitting for deliveries, inventory levels, cash in machine notices, and more.

zip pay

Made in the USA

Made with you in mind.

By having our custom vending machines made in the USA, we insure you get the best value for your money, while supporting employees here in America. Seaga manufacturing has been in business for 30 years, and produces thousands of vending machines every year. We rely on their expertise and experience to insure you receive the best quality equipment possible.

While our machines are made by Seaga, we insure they arrive in perfect condition to you. We have them hand inspected and tested prior to ever leaving the manufacturing facility. Our onsite support staff is always ready to help with any technical set up or maintenance assistance as well. Having a strong support team is vitally important in the vending machine world. Machines will have technical issues, we are here to make sure that doesn’t affect your business.


Lifetime Warranty

By having close ties with our manufacturer, we are able to offer the best warranty you can get. For the life of your business! You will never have to worry about a machine being out of commission. We also know that other issues can arise, so we insure your machines against Fire & Theft. If you ever have a qualifying incident, pay a small deductible and receive a completely brand new machine!

NAMA Certification

Along with the ISO9001 certification (the most strict in the world), we also chose to have our machines tested and certified by the National Automated Merchandising Association. They are the premier vending machine certification and management company in the USA.

NAMA certification simply means the machine itself has been tested to standards set in place by all 50 states, and by the FDA for food safety. This is just an extra layer of comfort and security for you and your business.

ADA Compliant

Being able to legally place your machine in any facility is a must! Only ADA compliant machines can legally be placed in locations such as schools, city/county/state buildings, and hospitals. Our machines have been ADA compliant since the first one came off the assembly line. We want nothing standing in the way of your success.

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